EQUIPMENT: Some kind of "Arrow of Light" model or symbol. Eight candle holders (7 of them could be incorporated with the "Arrow of Light" symbol.) Bow, Arrow, target. Advancement ladder or board, crossover bridge.

WEBELOS LEADER: Den Chief will you light the candle representing the rank of Webelos.

Here we should stop and think of the inner meaning of the word Webelos. It means "We'll be loyal Scouts" -- to our country, our home, and to God. Now, as we look back down our Cub Scout trail, we see how bright the pathway is. Bright because you Webelos have helped make it so. You light the pathway through Cub Scouting by doing your best and giving goodwill.

Den Chief will you please bring forward the following boys and their parents. (Name boys and parents)

WEBELOS LEADER: Webelos Scouts, the emblem you see before you represents the Arrow of Light Award. There are seven rays in the Arrow of Light. As we light the candles representing the rays, you will hear how they stand for the seven great virtues of life.

1. WISDOM - Wisdom does not necessarily mean superior knowledge. It means putting to the right use, the knowledge that one possesses.

2. COURAGE - Courage is not the quality that enables men to meet danger without fear. It is being able to meet danger in spite of one's fear.

3. SELF-CONTROL - Self-control isn't limited to the control of one's temper but control of one's self in all things.

4. JUSTICE - Justice is the practice of dealing fairly with others without prejudice or regard to race, color or creed.

5. FAITH - Faith is the conviction that something unproven by physical evidence is true.

6. HOPE - Hope means to expect with confidence. Always hope for better things to come.

7. LOVE - There are many kinds of love; Love of family, Love of home, Love of

fellowman, Love of god, and Love of country. All these Loves are necessary for a full life.

WEBELOS LEADER: Members of Pack ____, These Cubs have been many places, seen many things. They have earned their Bobcat, Wolf, Bear and Webelos Badges. They have earned many Arrow Points, Activity pins and Sports pins. They know their Boy Scout Oath and Law. They have shown "Duty to God". They have been camping. They went together to the Boy Scout meeting and have learned about the fun and

adventure that awaits them. Akela would you now please present the "Arrow of Light" Award to these Webelos.

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Arrow Of Light