Have group assemble in a circle around location.

LEADER: Good friends, den ____ would leave with ____, a token that each year will say that those who trod these paths today, have left a growing memory here to bring new loveliness each year.

CUB 1: An so I dig the sod to plant this tree, that it may grow and say to others who may pass this way, "Behold a living glory here, beauty's gift of yesteryear." (Digs sod.)

CUB 2: Prayer - Teach me, Father, how to be kind and patient like a tree. Joyfully the crickets croon under shady oak at noon. Beetle on his mission bent, tarries in that cooling tent. Let me also, cheer a spot, hidden field or garden place, where passing souls can rest on their way and be their best.

CUB 3: Trees have their enemies on every side - storms, drought, insects, disease, and old age. But, most of all man, with his careless fire and destructive axe.

CUB 4: Trees must have air to breathe, food to eat, water to drink, and sunlight to keep them well. The oldest living things on earth are trees.

CUB 5: The tree we are planting here today is a ________.

(Tell interesting facts about this tree....plant tree.)

CUB 6: Each of us carry a packet of soil from our own home garden or plot we love. We will all step up and add our soil around this tree, making a silent wish for the good health and long future of this tree. (Step to tree, one at a time, and drop in soil.)

LEADER: May this tree grow tall and beautiful. May the sunshine and rain be kind to it and Cub Scouts guard and cherish it. May it in turn, furnish cool shade for passers-by.



Miscellaneous Ceremony