Organic Truck Farming

The farming is done on a small commercial scale. This is only partly because the garden plots are restricted in size by the geography and terrain. The Kings have chosen to raise mostly crops such as salad greens and herbs, which require intensive cultivation and hand labor. The minimal overhead for such an operation and the overwhelming response at the Ann Arbor Farmersí Market combine to make this kind of gardening financially feasible. The disadvantages of the moderate scale are limited output, and the fact that many of the gardening activities require considerable endurance and skill.   Itís hard work! Nevertheless, the advantages reflected in versatility, flexibility and adaptability more than compensate for inefficiencies and high physical demands. Crops are easily and naturally rotated; different types of soil, fertilizers and techniques can be used according to circumstances; and the work itself, though hard, is woven naturally into a positive social setting and countless patterns of routine.

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